Saturday, January 23, 2016

2 TV couples who deserved happy endings but didn't get them

I'm always devastated when a favorite TV couple doesn't get a happy ending when they oh so deserved one (aren't we all?). I gave it a lot of thought and while I wanted this list to be longer, these were the only 2 couples who I really thought deserved to be talked about, at least in my opinion (I was going to include Meredith and Derek from Grey's Anatomy but, hell, I didn't wanna go there). So, here are 2 couples who damn well deserved happy endings but, unfortunately, didn't get them.

1. Mike Delfino and Susan Mayer, Desperate Housewives: Any DH fan knows that Mike and Susan were being propped from the very first episode. You knew that's where it was headed, despite the fact that they loved torturing us fans by having them break up and get back together several times. First there was complicated drama involving the revelation that Mike is Zach Young's (Cody Kasch) biological father, which kept them apart for the better part of the second season until they seemingly reunited (because let's face it, we all knew they still loved each other), but Mike was run down by Orson (Kyle McLachlan) in the second season finale. Mike fell comatose and when he awoke, he was in the company of none other than Edie Britt (Nicollette Sheridan), who convinced him Susan treated him badly and they ended up getting together, adding further fuel to the iconic Susan vs. Edie rivalry. Susan moved on with Ian (Dougray Scott), but when Edie dumped Mike he started coming around again, leading Ian to leave Susan. Mike and Susan finally got married at the end of season three, and were *somewhat* happily together in season four, despite Mike's brief addiction to pain killers. Susan became pregnant and gave birth to their son, M.J. Delfino, at the end of the fourth season, which also brought the five-year time jump that showed Susan in a relationship with someone else. In the fifth season, we find out that Mike and Susan divorced after constant fighting over a car accident they were in that resulted in the deaths of a mother and her young daughter. Feelings lingered between them while apart, no surprise, especially when Mike started dating Susan's best friend and fellow Wisteria Lane resident Katherine Mayfair (Dana Delany). Mike ended up leaving Katherine to save Susan and M.J. from a madman in the season five finale (let's not get into THAT) and they got remarried in the sixth season premiere. But, Katherine refused to believe Mike didn't love her anymore, leading to some rash behavior (at one point she stabbed herself and told the police Mike stabbed her). Katherine and Susan eventually made up and that was that... Mike and Susan were happily together through their financial struggles and Susan's health crisis of season seven, but Mike's decision to beat up a loan shark towards the end of the final season led to his untimely death in a drive-by shooting. After all that, Mike and Susan didn't get their happy ending. They went to hell and back, but they didn't get one. I'm not sure whether to sigh or sob...

2. Robert McCallister and Kitty Walker, Brothers & Sisters: These two were undeniably cute when they bonded over their stance on Republican politics, which led to a romance when Kitty became California senator Robert's communications manager. They fell in love and got married. While Robert's politics career always seemed to come first, especially when he was running for President of the United States in the second season, he proved his love to Kitty when he dropped out of the race, deciding it would have and was already having a negative effect on his marriage. Robert's character became far less likable into the third season... There's no sugarcoating it: he was an asshole. He and Kitty tried to adopt a child for the better part of the season, and when a birth mother (Sonja Sohn) finally picked them, he hid his intentions to run for Governor of California. Kitty discovered his deception moments before their birth mother Trish gave birth to a boy, and as Robert rushed to the hospital from announcing his run for Governor, he suffers a major heart attack. As much as we hated him at the time (c'mon, admit it, you had to have hated him at some point), his heart attack scene, contrasted with Trish giving birth, as Coldplay's "Fix You" played was undeniably a tearjerker. Robert became even more insufferable during his recovery, so much so that Kitty had to escape him by going to the park where she met a fellow dad, which led to a suspicious friendship and dangerous flirtation... They shared a kiss, and Robert wasn't sure if he could forgive her. The couple's future lays in the balance as season three closes, but Kitty declares that she wants to work it out and they eventually reunite. Robert and Kitty stayed strong through her battle with lymphoma in the fourth season, where all that Robert/Kitty cuteness we fell in love with back in season one was visible again. Kitty beat the cancer and later decided to run for Robert's senate seat, as his term was ending, and he started to get suspicious job offers that he hid from Kitty once again. Before he could take any of them, Robert died in the great car accident in the fourth season finale. Kitty begged him to hold on, but he couldn't. Despite their troubles, with all their triumphs, these two deserved a happy ending. But they too didn't get one. It was all the more frustrating when Kitty became pregnant at the end of the final season (she suffered a miscarriage while with Robert and was told she couldn't carry children) with someone else significantly younger than her. She should've had her happy ending with Robert with his child. I'm just saying.

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