Monday, December 23, 2013

Exclusive: What do Y&R fans hate about Avery?

It's no secret that Avery Bailey Clark, portrayed by Jessica Collins, isn't liked by many longtime viewers of The Young and the Restless. Introduced as a supporting character in July 2011, the past two writing regimes have made the decision to make her a leading character, which has not been well received.

I spoke to several longtime fans of the soap opera on Twitter, and learned what makes them dislike Avery so much. One big reason for most of them is that Avery got together with her sister's ex-husband, Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow), and then acted all innocent and hypocritical afterward. This was not one of the show's finest moments. Last October, it suddenly became head writer Josh Griffith's goal to make Avery a leading character and forget all of the crap she pulled leading up to that (like getting evil mastermind Daisy Carter (Yvonne Zima) out of prison just to spite big sister Phyllis). One fan I spoke to believes that Griffith tried to make Avery the next Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) or Christine Blair (Lauralee Bell). Additionally, they believe that Avery cannot sell a romance. She may have all the pretty looks and sparkles in her eyes, but it's not enough. Not only that, I personally don't find Jessica Collins to be leading actress material. She was perfectly fine when she was a busybody lawyer, but now that they've given her bigger storylines, her true abilities have shined through and the result ain't pretty, ladies and gents. Most of the fans I spoke to agree with me. Another fan I spoke with believes Avery is "pointless and selfish".

Another issue that fans seem to have with Ms. Clark is her baking. Since becoming a leading character, viewers have been invited into Avery's home where we learn that she likes to bake. Who cares? It's not interesting and bores most people to tears. Another main issue that comes along with being a new leading character is that she is overexposed, which many fans don't agree with. "She is inserted into many storylines that she isn't needed in," says one fan. "She lacks what it takes to be a female lead. She lacks the history, chemistry and character of other females on the show. Which is boring. Much like Dylan (Steve Burton), Avery is new. But the writers always force Dylan and Avery onto us and make them sound more important than they are. Now that Phyllis is gone, there is no use for her. She is pointless. She is dull, not very groundbreaking. Her awkwardness/attempted quirkiness comes off as fake and forced by the writers." Couldn't have said it better myself!

Avery's first romance with Nick Newman has garnered a largely mixed response. Some believe the pair have excellent chemistry together and are the show's next supercouple, and others believe they share no chemistry whatsoever and should have never been put together in the first place. The people I spoke to and myself believe that Nick and Avery (dubbed "Navery") should have never have been together. I must confess that I liked them when they first started out, but mainly because it drove Phyllis crazy and I hated her with a passion. However, then Dylan showed up in town and sent Avery into an emotional tailspin (which, for me, was the first sign that Collins wasn't leading lady material). Then Nick and Avery spent countless boring months fighting and making up, and then making and breaking wedding plans. BORING. Not to mention it was clear they should have never been together when, on their wedding day, Nick quickly called off the ceremony when Avery showed up late, without even seeing her side of the story. It was like the writers were waiting for this romance to implode.

Well folks, these are the main reasons that longtime fans strongly dislike Avery Bailey Clark. The only possible way the writers over at The Young and the Restless could make me like Avery again is if they make her interesting. Give her an exciting storyline, perhaps in the courtroom again? Hey, viewers can dream. Catch Y&R weekdays on CBS.

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