Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dylan is Paul's son on 'The Young and the Restless'... Is this a good thing?

Well, we knew something else was on its way. Recently on The Young and the Restless we found out that Dylan (Steve Burton) is in fact Paul's (Doug Davidson) son, and not that of cult leader Ian Ward (Ray Wise). It wasn't completely shocking, as I in fact predicted this months ago, but I kind of enjoyed the outcome. However, Paul is currently in the hospital after being shot and needing a liver transplant, which he got from Dylan. 

It's becoming clear that the powers that be are desperate to have Dylan relevant, as that is one of the reasons the character just doesn't work. But the writers are beginning to write Dylan dumb and somewhat stupid again, like when Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) made him believe she was carrying his child. The underlying story in which Paul is revealed as Dylan's father wasn't immediately bad, much better than the reveal that Nikki was Dylan's mother, and I actually enjoyed everyone finding out that Ian cannot father children. 

But I hope the writers stop there. As much as the writing is a tad better than before, this all still feels forced. Which it is. I feel like the writers could just rewrite everyone's lives to have Dylan be relevant. I'm torn. Paul is a great character, so maybe Dylan can evolve with him. But this happens all the time; Dylan is revealed to be related to someone and we hope it will make him tolerable. Will this time be any different? Watch The Young and the Restless weekdays on CBS. 

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