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Wishful Summer Storytelling for 'The Young and the Restless'

                                                                   Terrell Tilford

If The Young and the Restless head writers Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante have taught us anything, it's that they can both work magic and bore us to death. I'm sorry, but I just have to say it. Avery's (Jessica Collins) current storyline is an absolute JOKE. First, she gets her own cooking show when she really should be bitching at judges in courtrooms. That's not a storyline, it's boredom and a motive to hit the fast forward button. Then, someone is posting mean comments about her online and it has to become a whole ordeal. I don't even think I could count the amount of times I've been yelled at by a crazy person online. If you're active in that area, it's bound to happen. And secondly, we already had to endure a mysterious blogger/stalker storyline last summer that was one of the biggest head-scratching stink bombs I've ever seen on daytime. Why must you put us through that again? Turns out Avery's stalker is her cooking show producer who he holds a grudge against for freeing the man who killed his mother. Big whoop. No one cares. That's why I have some good ideas for the residents of Genoa City this summer.

In the coming weeks, Terrell Tilford will debut as the mysterious Dr. Barton, Leslie's (Angell Conwell) impromptu husband who she met on the Internet just a short while after breaking up with her boyfriend of two years, Neil (Kristoff St. John). Meanwhile, Neil has hooked up with Hilary (Mishael Morgan), the formerly wacky schemer who arrived last summer to terrorize the Winters family for something that happened off-screen over five years prior. Long story short, Neil almost hooked up with Hilary's mother Rose in 2007 and is now sleeping with her daughter. Messed up and inappropriate, I know, but you gotta admit it's pretty soapy and creates tons of drama. We have no idea who this Dr. Barton is and why he decided to marry Leslie so suddenly. Hilary has mentioned a few times that she had a father who was never around... What better reason for her pappy to marry Genoa City resident Leslie to get close to his daughter? He might even have to resort to some pretty strange measures to get her attention as well, not to mention a showdown with Neil.

Secondly, Noah Newman (Robert Adamson) needs a storyline. A romance with a recurring cop is not a story. It's fluff. As history dictates, Newmans don't settle for fluff. Noah has been trying to get his life together for over two years, possibly longer. He briefly worked at Newman Enterprises which showed promise when he battled with Kyle (Hartley Sawyer), even though that didn't make sense when Kyle is supposed to be much younger than Noah, and clearly wasn't. Then that was dropped. By this time in his parents' lives, Nick and Sharon were already married with Noah and Cassie and were having marital problems. Speed it along. Victor could send Noah to New York on assignment and he could run into Grace Turner, the woman who almost broke up his parents' marriage multiple times. Unknowingly, Grace gets Noah into bed and he is so smitten that he breaks up with cop Courtney (Kelli Goss) over the phone. Noah and Grace return to Genoa City in tow, causing even more pandemonium in Nick and Sharon's lives, not to mention their daughter lookalike Mariah (Camryn Grimes). The only problem would be that the best Grace, Jennifer Gareis, is currently starring as Donna on The Bold and the Beautiful. But there are other soap vixens the show could grab... It would never happen, but hey, I'm allowed to dream, right?

Many people have been complaining that Noah's "sister" Summer (Hunter King) also has no story, but with her comatose mother Phyllis making her long awaited return to town later this summer, I predict she will have plenty material. Jack (Peter Bergman), Phyllis' fiance who has moved on with Kelly (Cady McClain), will feel obligated to return to Phyllis when she comes back, but will still dream of Kelly and eventually leave Phyllis for her. Phyllis will enlist the help of her little girl to help win Jack back, even if it means getting rid of Kelly...

So, these are my wishful storytellings for this summer on Y&R. All we can hope for is less Avery and more of everyone else, because everyone else is pretty much tolerable. Watch The Young and the Restless weekdays on CBS.

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