Thursday, July 31, 2014

Phyllis is returning to 'The Young and the Restless'... Good, and bad

                       Gina Tognoni

With Gina Tognoni's debut as Phyllis Summers just weeks away, I thought I'd make a list of all the good things that will happen now that she's returning, and all the bad. I have loved to hate Phyllis for years, but even I must admit, things are out of order when she's drooling in a hospital bed in Georgia.

First off, she will slap some sense into her naive daughter, Summer (Hunter King), who just married Austin (Matthew Atkinson), who is about to stand trial for attempted murder. She claimed she fell in love with him and that she will stand by him through his trial (for shooting Paul Williams) as he was grieving the loss of his mother when he shot him. Summer also said she didn't have anyone who understood her after Jack moved on from Phyllis with Kelly (Cady McClain). So, with mommy dearest returning, Summer will breathe a sigh of relief. Hopefully...

Speaking of Kelly, that is also another good thing that will go down after Phyllis returns... Kelly, who had started off her run in Genoa City by sleeping with Billy (then Billy Miller, now Burgess Jenkins), later took up a relationship with Billy's big brother Jack, who hadn't moved on from Phyllis. Kelly's character has become very annoying, and honestly, I'd very much enjoy a bitchy catfight between her and Phyllis.

One of the many bad things, most of which I won't get into, that will come about with Phyllis' return is her feud with Sharon (Sharon Case). Sharon was the last person to see Phyllis before she fell down the stairs that night last summer, right after Phyllis overheard her confessing to having switched Summer's paternity test results. Of course, Sharon is not innocent. But she was off her bipolar medication and was not in the right frame of mind when (and even IF) she switched the results. But, now that Phyllis is returning, the peace will be ruptured. Even then, she's already become a topic of conversation between Sharon and Nick (Joshua Morrow). 

Besides, Phyllis has committed so many more crimes then Sharon, when she was IN her right mind! Let's see, she tried to kill Cricket (Lauralee Bell) and Paul (Doug Davidson) with her car years back when she thought Danny (Michael Damian) was falling for her again. Sharon hasn't killed anyone. Yes, she's messed with people's lives so to say, but again, SHE WAS ILL. Phyllis wasn't ill. She was just insecure and insane. Not to mention Phyllis lead Danny to believe Daniel (Michael Graziadei) was his son when all along he was fathered by some other man she slept with. Let's not even get into the crap she pulled when she worked for Restless Style, posting stories about the people in her town that weren't even true. Like I said, Sharon isn't innocent. But the woman has a legitimate illness, shouldn't a judge or whoever take that into consideration? What does Phyllis have? Nothing. What does the Great Victor Newman have? Nothing, yet he can still have people beaten up and gaslight people and no one even takes a second look. They just sigh and basically say, "Well, that's Victor for you." But no. Sharon must pay. Someone please point out the logic in that for me.

I guess you could say that there are fewer good thing than bad things that will happen when Phyllis returns. But I'm none the less looking forward to it, because it makes for great drama. Gina Tognoni is scheduled to debut as Phyllis on August 10. Watch The Young and the Restless weekdays on CBS.

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