Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Annoyance of Abby on 'The Young and the Restless'

Is it just me, or is Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) bordering on insufferable on The Young and the Restless? For multiple reasons she's just become... There are no words. She's now even bordering on irrelevant. Talk about hypocritical. Ever since she came back to town in early 2013 and was said to be more grown up, it's like all the immature stuff she pulled a couple years back didn't even happen. Yet, she walks about like she owns everything and everyone.

I know Mariah (Camryn Grimes) pulled a lot of crap on her relationship with Tyler (Redaric Williams), but it was laughable when she framed her for stealing a wallet and was scolded like a 9-year-old. Is that her idea of a catfight? Are we sure she's even mature enough to have a job? I mean, she works for Jabot, but I wonder what the powers-at-be would say about all the crap she pulls in her spare time. (Not that they'd care, actually, she's an Abbott after all.)

Her attitude towards everyone who's ever did something even slightly wrong in their life is also laughable. Stitch (Sean Carrigan) killed his father in self defense and served time, but no, in Abby's demented little brain, he's a criminal mastermind who never payed for his sins. Not to mention she still belittles Stitch's sis Kelly (Cady McClain) for her affair with Billy (Burgess Jenkins) almost a year ago. Okay Abby, like you've never thought of destroying a marriage or two. Kelly ain't perfect and is damn far from it but really? Remember when you staged your own kidnapping just so you could shag hunky weirdo Carmine (Marco Dapper)? So do we.

On top of it all, Melissa Ordway is unfortunately, not that strong of an actress. We knew that going in, of course, soaps are where the biggest of stars have started. And sometimes she's actually not that bad. But others, like during relationships, she's completely terrible. She doesn't even play insecurity convincingly. And to top it off, they still tend to write her as a dumb blonde. If the producers have any hope whatsoever she'll grow as an actress while on their show, drop the dumb blonde crap and any relationship storylines for awhile, while you're at it. Watch Y&R weekdays on CBS. 

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