Saturday, May 23, 2015

'Pitch Perfect 2' hits the perfect note (pun intended)

Last weekend I saw the much anticipated Pitch Perfect 2, the sequel to the mega popular 2012 musical film that gained a large cult following. Both films follow acapella groups at the fictional Barton University, one of which is an all-female group, the Barton Bellas. The second installment saw the return of all the same cast members as well a new 'Bella', Emily Junk (Hailee Steinfeld, Begin Again), daughter of one of the Bellas' most prominent alums (Katey Sagal). 

Generally people find that sequels aren't as good as the first. Which is very true in some cases. Sequels of super popular movies with funny jokes also tend to not be as good as filmmakers now know what people found funny and overcompensate in their sequels. And that definitely happened in Pitch Perfect 2. They knew that Fat Amy (played by Rebel Wilson) was popular with viewers and so they gave her more of a storyline in the sequel as well as making her much more crass than we knew her to be. But you know what? At the end of the day, the movie was still just as funny and entertaining as the first one. Anna Kendrick was still glowing as Becca, the leader of the group, as well as Brittany Snow as mousy Chloe, who must deal with the fact of finally saying goodbye to university and leaving the Bellas (something she had previously avoided for seven years). 

Rumors of a third Pitch Perfect are currently underway, and in all honesty, I'm totally here for that. The cast has great chemistry, the songs are beautiful (especially the original songs introduced in Pitch Perfect 2) and it's just genuinely funny and enjoyable to watch. I definitely recommend watching both movies if you haven't already. I have yet to meet a soul who didn't enjoy them at least a little bit! 

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