Tuesday, April 29, 2014

'Devious Maids' sizzles even hotter with season 2

Lifetime's hit drama from last summer, Devious Maids (the latest work of art from Marc Cherry), recently returned for a second season, and a brand new bundle of secrets to be discovered, affairs to be covered up, the scandalous lifestyles of the rich and fabulous in Beverly Hills and of course, their maids who surround them. As Marc Cherry did with his previous series Desperate Housewives (another work of art), a new season follows a new mystery. Marisol (Ana Ortiz) is dating a new man named Nicholas, who was once married to a woman named Dalia. Their longtime maid, Opal, knows of something drastic Nicholas possibly did over fifteen years ago. On a dark night in 1999, Nicholas and Dalia's young son possibly witnessed a crime that was said to be suicide; Dalia jumping off a bridge. But was it suicide? What did Nicholas do, and why is Opal so territorial over him? We the viewers would like to know.

On the other hand of things, Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez) has agreed to marry her employer, musician Alejandro, who is secretly gay. In return, his lawyers agree to produce the studio album that was denied to her last season. Carmen's frenemy Odessa (Melinda Page Hamilton), also the head of the maid staff at Alejandro's, is less than pleased that Carmen is "with" her boss now. In this week's episode, Alejandro's former beau returns and asks him to move to Spain with him. Not yet married, Carmen fears she won't get her album unless they are married so she goes to much trouble to plan a surprise ceremony at their engagement party. Moments after Alejandro assures Carmen she will get her album no matter what, the party is robbed by a group of men and Alejandro is accidentally shot... fatally?

Another great arc I am loving this season is the Powells. Last season they were still somewhat of a question mark, but this season they are providing the best comic relief I've seen in ages. Not only that, the robbers who robbed Alejandro and Carmen's party were the same robbers who broke into Evelyn Powell's dinner party and stole her new necklace, worth a fortune. But it doesn't stop there; one of the robbers is revealed to be none other than Nicholas and Dalia's son, who supposedly works as a pool boy. Everything about Devious Maids is a puzzle, and where the final piece falls is yet to be determined. Catch it Sunday nights on Lifetime.

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