Thursday, April 17, 2014

Possible Storytelling for Y&R: "Phyllis" comes back, or does she?

I have thought of a great way The Young and the Restless could bring back Michelle Stafford. Notice I said the actress, and not necessarily the character she portrayed for 16 years, Phyllis Summers. I am no Phyllis fan. I adore Nick and Sharon. But, I thought of a way Stafford could return to the soap opera without necessarily portraying Phyllis, who currently lays comatose in Georgia. Remember back from 2006 to 2007 when Stafford briefly portrayed one of Genoa City's greatest villains Sheila Carter? Well, here's how my idea goes...

Without warning, a woman believed to be Phyllis (as portrayed by Stafford) returns to Genoa City, revealing she's awakened from her coma and resumes her relationship and engagement to Jack (Peter Bergman). Jack is shocked yet overjoyed at her return, despite the doctors saying there wasn't any change in her condition. Summer (Hunter King) is also ecstatic to have her mother back. Shortly after, "Phyllis" goes into the home of Lauren and Michael (Tracey Bregman and Christian LeBlanc) and looks at a picture of their family. It is then revealed that this woman was never Phyllis at all. She is Sheila Carter, who never truly died after Lauren shot her in 2007. Sheila, who heard about Phyllis being in a coma, decided to take advantage of the situation and assume Phyllis' identity, yet again, in order to secretly target Lauren and her family again.

Jack, still so happy that "Phyllis" woke up and made her way home, starts planning their wedding. However, he becomes troubled by "Phyllis" not remembering things that happened (things that only the real Phyllis would know). Meanwhile, Summer is also worried as her mother seems different. The way she talks, acts and feels around her. She expresses her concerns to Jack, and they decide that being in a coma for so long must have changed "Phyllis". On the other hand of things, Sharon (Sharon Case) is terrified of "Phyllis" being back in town, but wonders why she hasn't told everyone what she heard Sharon say the night she fell down the stairs.

Sharon goes to see "Phyllis" at the Abbott mansion, and is weirdly comfortable around her. Eventually Sharon flat out asks her if she is going to reveal her secret, and "Phyllis" blankly says, "What secret?" This leads Sharon to believe she has forgotten the secret, and she sighs a sigh of relief. For now. Meanwhile, Sheila has been plotting to kidnap Fen (Max Ehrich) from the Baldwins so she can hurt Lauren. As Phyllis, she spends time with Fen, which he begins to find bizarre. Sharon then finds out that Summer and Jack find "Phyllis" has been acting strange and not herself. Lauren also realizes that she has been spending a little too much time with Fen and alerts Michael, who also realizes she has been acting strange. While Lauren and Michael try to figure it out, Sharon confronts "Phyllis" and demands to know why she has been acting so strange. She realizes that this very well might be a different Phyllis and asks her, "Why do we hate each other? What started it?" When "Phyllis" cannot answer, Sharon is alarmed. She leaves the Abbott mansion and calls Jack, asking to meet with him to discuss "Phyllis"' strange behavior. As they are talking, Sheila hits Sharon over the head, rendering her unconscious.

Summer goes to see Lauren and Michael to talk about her mom, as they are still trying to figure out what could be causing "Phyllis" to act strangely. As a joke, Michael recalls that Sheila once had surgery to look like Phyllis before Lauren shot her. Lauren blankly looks at her husband as Michael says, "No. You don't think..." Summer is confused, but Lauren and Michael grab her as they go to find Fen. Meanwhile, Sheila decides she has blown everything and puts her plan into action. She finds Fen outside of Crimson Lights, knocks him out, and puts her in her car. Before she can drive off, Lauren, Michael and Summer arrive and save Fen, demanding to know what is happening. Lauren downright asks "Phyllis" if she is Sheila, and all she says is, "What do you think?" She grabs her and Michael and Summer call the police. However, Sheila manages get away before the police can arrive. Summer is devastated that her mother never really returned to town. Meanwhile, Jack finds an unconscious Sharon on his doorstep as he is called down to the police station. Before leaving he calls an ambulance for her.

Michael, Lauren and Summer meet Jack at the police station, where he is told the whole story and is devastated. The first thing he does is calls the clinic where the real Phyllis was in Georgia and asks about her. But Jack is told she is gone. Gone where? Was she checked out? Did Sheila check her out? Or someone else? Fade out...       Watch The Young and the Restless weekdays on CBS.

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