Friday, August 2, 2013

2013-14 Television Season Preview: Many Promises Ahead

The 2013-14 television season seems to be withholding many promises! There are many new series that have the potential to become smash hits. ABC is shaking up the Sunday night drama lineup with Betrayal, a serial about two married people committing adultery. Personally, it seems to me that ABC is trying to recreate the dynamic it once had with Desperate Housewives on that night. Catch Betrayal when it debuts on Sunday, September 29. 

CBS is also spicing up its Monday night comedy lineup. Mom stars Anna Faris and Allison Janney as daughter and mother, one recovering from alcoholism. With comedic talents like Faris and Janney, the series seems like a hit waiting to happen. Mom debuts Monday, September 23. The following week on September 30, CBS debuts another new comedy, We are Men, about the lives of divorced men. If its scripts permit it to become a hit, then it will, but otherwise I expect it to flop. 

Over on Tuesday night on ABC, the network is debuting The Goldbergs about a family in the 1980s. I don't see it doing well, but we'll have to see! CBS is also expanding its Thursday night comedy lineup. The Crazy Ones, starring Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar, hits television screens on Thursday, September 26. Starring as father and daughter, Williams is an unpredictable genius and Gellar is his daughter, who is stern and determined. The two will hopefully have the chemistry we all hope they will have. On October 3, CBS will also debut The Millers, starring Will Arnett and Beau Bridges about a family dealing with divorce. Over on NBC, Michael J. Fox is getting his own sitcom; The Michael J. Fox Show, about a man who retires early due to Parkinson's disease. Based on his own life, Fox is also a producer for the show. Catch its premiere right after The Crazy Ones

Unlike last season, the season ahead holds many promises. Catch all these new series and many more when they premiere this fall.

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