Sunday, August 11, 2013

'We're The Millers': Great actors with an unfortunate script

It's no secret that We're The Millers isn't going to become a timeless classic. Despite its crappy premise, the impeccably funny performances of the actors somehow make everything flow. Jason Sudeikis stars as a minor league drug dealer who is left broke after a robbery. He is neighbors with Rose the stripper (Jennifer Aniston) and awkward teenager Kenny (Will Poulter). He enlists their help along with Casey (Emma Roberts), a teenage runaway, to become his fake family so he can smuggle tons and tons of marijuana over the Mexico border. What they don't know is they're being followed by the rightful owners of the weed and they could get killed!

I know what we're all thinking; just another negative review waiting to happen. But like I said, the amazingly funny performances of its all-star cast makes you wonder one main thing; if they had all these great actors on hand, why not give them a better script to work with? Jennifer Aniston is not the type to play a stripper, but she made it work, same with Sudeikis, Poulter and Roberts. So c'mon, why not give them a better plot? I'm not afraid to go on record saying I quite enjoyed We're The Millers, a movie that I was so prepared to say it would be stupid. Yes of course, there were stupid jokes and a lot of eye-rolls, but the end result was a lot of laughs and a surprisingly enjoyable movie.

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