Saturday, August 24, 2013

Will Katherine's last wish cause problems on 'The Young and the Restless'?

                         Katherine Chancellor's loved ones await the news of her death

This week on The Young and the Restless, we learned that the matriarch of Genoa City, Katherine Chancellor, had died while on a worldwide trip with her husband Murphy (Michael Fairman). All of her loved ones received individual letters, and now, will her last wish shake up Genoa City forever? Kay's letters to Jill Abbott and Nikki Newman (Jess Walton and Melody Thomas Scott) were especially special, and it could send them down a path that may push them to their personal limit!

"Katherine has set in motion something Nikki has for many years tried to avoid," previews head writer Josh Griffith. "Now she's at a crossroads. Should she follow Katherine's advice or let it go?" While Nikki's mission seems quite serious, Jill's mission could be just as serious if not more! As we all know, Kay and Jill shared a very special relationship over the years. One of the longest rivalries in American soap opera history, Kay was believed to be Jill's biological mother for a few years before Jill found out she was apart of the Fenmore family. Jill's letter from Katherine was obviously sentimental, as she told her she was giving him everything she valued. Now could that mean the obvious, or something more meaningful? Jess Walton weighed in: "She's puzzled, but then she starts getting frustrated because it starts getting hard! Jill has a letter from Katherine that says, 'I want you to have everything I valued.' So Jill, of course, is feeling loved and valued and cocky, as Jill tends to do! Jill is truly grieving. She truly loved Katherine. But she can afford to be magnanimous with Nikki because of the words, 'I want you to have everything I valued!' All Jill sees is those words. But Jill is very frustrated, because she doesn't know how to get it!" 

Not only that, Kay left Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard, who was believed to be Jill's son) in charge of her company, Chancellor Industries. And because Katherine knew she was dying when she left on her trip, she knew Cane would be in charge after she was gone! Why would she have done this? To spite Jill, even from beyond the grave? I wouldn't put it past her! Walton states: "There really is a special love between Jill and Cane, but it is very complicated right now with him running Chancellor. She taught him the ropes in business, and that was her CEO seat, and it was taken away from her. She's torn between her passion for Chancellor Industries and her love for Cane. She's also shutting him out because he's too close to her heart, and her heart is wounded right now." Not only will Katherine's death cause trouble on the business front, head writer Griffith previews that there is a secret that will shock fans! He states: "She wants to leave them with a last thought and motivation about their lives. In Jill and Nikki's cases, she sets them both on revelatory journeys." Watch The Young and the Restless weekdays on CBS.

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  1. Jill sure is going crazy trying to find out what Misses C's last wish is. Jill is so self centered. I truly dislike her.