Friday, July 19, 2013

'666 Park Avenue' ends on a high note

ABC's supernatural drama, 666 Park Avenue, concluded last Saturday, after having debuted on the network last September and cancelled after two months. ABC then postponed burning off the remaining episodes until June 22. While I quite enjoyed this series and was saddened by its sudden cancellation, I began to see these past few weeks that 666 Park Avenue just might have been a little too bizarre for major network television. The series followed a young couple in love as they become building managers of the Drake, a mysterious apartment building in New York City. Strange things happen to Jane (Rachael Taylor), and we finally learn that she yields an unknown past with the building. 

After the cancellation last November, series executives revealed that they would rework the final episode "to act as a series finale". And while watching the final episode, I realized that they crammed possibly two more years of material into one hour of television. If only the series had debuted on ABC Family, or even The CW, it might've gotten a few more seasons. But as I said, 666 Park Avenue was probably just too weird and bizarre for ABC. But the series was perfect for supernatural lovers, and developed a loyal fan base within two months on the air. It baffles me why another network didn't make a play for the series. I had tweeted (@teeveejeff) saying that I hoped the series finale wouldn't disappoint me. All I can say is that it is disappointing this series had to be rushed to an end.

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