Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Peter Bergman previews the paternity bombshell on 'The Young and the Restless'

For all you 'Y&R' fans, Peter Bergman (Jack) has previewed in an exclusive interview with TV Guide's Michael Logan about how his character will react to the paternity bombshell that lies ahead. Just recently, the writers of the top CBS soap decided to rewrite the paternity of Summer Newman (Hunter King), making her Jack's daughter instead of Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow). While many are criticizing this plot for many reasons, I for one have quite enjoyed it. Some say it is moving too slowly, others say the writers have dropped the ball. But I'm happy to go on record saying that this storyline will be quite the bombshell in everyone!

For months, Summer has been crushing on Jack's son Kyle (first Blake Hood, now Hartley Sawyer). Her "father" Nick was always against it, and now we know why! While I do question why Summer's redhead, feisty mother Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) seduced Kyle in efforts to get him away from her daughter (which surprisingly worked), this storyline has been working out pretty well and everyone's reaction will be absolutely epic. To read the full TV Guide interview with Bergman, here's the link:

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