Saturday, July 20, 2013

'Grown Ups 2' falls flat

I'm not gonna lie: Grown Ups 2 was pretty bad. Unfortunately, its plot just couldn't get past the stupid fart jokes that basically form the entire movie. While its 2010 prequel had meaning about blurring the lines between childhood and parenthood, this movie could've possibly had those moments, but they were inevitably ruined by some stupid character doing something stupid. 

Of course, those who enjoy Adam Sandler films have to be of an acquired taste. Perhaps if this movie didn't include other stars like Kevin James, Chris Rock or David Spade and just starred Sandler among other actors, it would've survived. Because frankly, Sandler's lines and scenes were really the only enjoyable part of the movie. While I admit I found myself laughing at some of the stupid jokes in the beginning, I began to realize that Grown Ups 2 was basically all one big joke. I'm not even entirely sure if Adam Sandler fans would enjoy this movie, as the rest of the cast ruin it, even the hilarious Maya Rudolph and Salma Hayek. The movie does have its entertaining moments, but you'd be better off to skip it.

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